Prediction with Precision

The sensor can measure vibration, acoustic emission, temperature, humidity and RPM. No other sensor in the World can measure all 5 parameters
The sensors are always connected through a reliable array of networking equipment such as routers, boosters and repeaters to the internet all the time

The sensor can detect:

  • Bearing: Inner, Outer, Roller & Cage
  • Shaft misalignment or cracking
  • Cavitation
  • Gear teeth problems
  • Machine Imbalance and looseness
  • Structural Issues


Sensor installation can be completed in less than 5 minutes
The sensor has a length of 8.8 cm with a diameter of 5.0 cm.
The sensor has a battery life of 1-3 years depending on update frequency (4/day to 12/day)
The sensor inner hardware is rated for -40 to 75C. Whereas, the sensor can be mounted on a surface with a temperature range of -50 to 115C
Due to our patent-pending combination of specialized signal processing and neural network methods the sensor is 99% accurate in catching faults and predicting time to failure
Our security protocol complies with TLS 1.2 and UL 2900-2-2. The data in the sensor is stored locally with scheduled uploads to cloud server using the most cyber secure platform (certified by UL) available in the world
All the graphs and sensor data can be seen through a user-friendly dashboard and on the cellphone through an App. The end-user is notified through an email and notification on the phone if a fault is detected in the equipment.
Yes, our Hardware is IP68 approved with IECEx/ATEX Zone 0, ASME Class 1 Div. 2, UL746C approved. We are also on the final stage of getting NEMA 250 approval very soon.