About us


Nanoprecise Sci Corp was initially founded as a material characterization company offering cutting edge solutions in material failure analysis. Realizing that failure analysis services are of great importance to the industry from an insurance standpoint, we imagined how valuable it would be to predict and prevent such failures from happening in the first place.

This was the pivotal point which refocussed the company on predictive maintenance and asset failure prevention. Through holistic research and development, we created a set of patent-pending technologies which solve a range of asset management problems in a variety of industries. Our solutions embrace the IoT revolution pervading all industries and uses cutting edge data science models to monitor and predict asset failure.

We worked hard, innovate continuously and crafted a solution where we effectively combine physics, material science & data analytics to provide significant value proposition to industry. This is the reason why we call ourselves an “Engineering Analytics” company.

Our Vision

To read and interpret data to be able to predict the remaining useful life of any asset in any industry during any point in its lifetime with more than 90% accuracy.


Our Mission

To be a trusted reliability solution provider to industry.

Our Values