Who We Are

Nanoprecise was born out of a need to address the inefficiency, safety and hazardous nature of heavy industry. It all started with a safety incident at a process plant, which led us to a thought that if we could predict the remaining useful life of an asset, the safety incidents due to that asset can be reduced to nil. Thus, Nanoprecise was founded with a strong, simple yet lofty vision of creating end to end integrated systems & models that are able to predict the remaining useful life of any asset in any industry at any point during its lifetime with more than 99% accuracy. We strive to bring cutting edge diagnostic and prognostic solutions to equipment and structural failures of various assets and provide a simple five point value proposition:

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How it works

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    Wireless Nanoprecise sensor
    mounted on the

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    Sensor data wirelessly
    transferred to cloud in the real

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    Machine Learning algorithms
    learn from the patterns in the

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    Dashboard for real time health of
    the industrial assets is available
    on multiple devices

Industrial Applications

In any manufacturing, petrochemical or utilities industry, production down-time is of utmost significance because every second lost is production that cannot be recovered (as money and product market share are lost) against production output which is the main focus of the plant.

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    100% Customer Satisfaction
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    5+ happy customer
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    24/7 reliable services
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    150 project completed

Customer Stories

Based on our vibration analysis, we were able to identify an early stage bearing failure and recommended a bearing replacement ahead of the plannedmaintenance cycle.

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