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Simplified massive IIoT Predictive Maintenance &
Reliability Platform

The aim of Nanoprecise Sci Corp is to provide an IoT based condition monitoring system that acts like a machine doctor. This system not only detects any anomaly in the system but also predicts mechanical faults related to unbalance, misalignment, looseness, bearing and gearbox. Furthermore, by using the fault characteristics frequency of equipment our solution can predict the remaining useful life of the equipment. To achieve this goal, our company has created a “unique” patent-pending solution (hardware + software) called RotationLF,  that combines physics, material science and data analytics to diagnose issues with rotating equipment.

One Stop Solution

Preventive Maintenance


What does schedule say?

Proactive Maintenance


What is happening?

Anomaly Detection

Predictive Maintenance


What could happen?

remaining useful life (rul)

Prescriptive Maintenance


What should I do?

Fault characterization

Operation Optimization

Failure Prediction

Remote Condition Monitoring

We Commit. We Deliver​.

> 90%

Reliability of IoT Network

> 90%

Reliability of sensor under any Atmospheric Conditions

> 75%

Reliability on Data Accuracy

> 80%

Reliability on Equipment Fault Detection

> 95%

Reliability on Dashboard Uptime

Deploy Automated Predictive Maintenance Solution in just 4 weeks

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Who We Are

Nanoprecise was born out of a need to address the inefficiency, safety and hazardous nature of the heavy industry. It all started with a safety incident at a process plant, which led us to a thought that if we could predict the remaining useful life of an asset, the safety incidents due to that asset can be reduced to nil. 

Thus, Nanoprecise was founded with a strong, simple yet lofty vision of creating end to end integrated systems & models that are able to predict the remaining useful life of any asset in any industry at any point during its lifetime with up to 99% accuracy. 

We strive to bring cutting edge diagnostic and prognostic solutions to equipment and structural failures of various assets and provide a simple five-point value proposition.

Customer Reviews

By chance and luckily, our company met Nanoprecise and under expanding technology in Japan market. We are confident this technology could contribute to Japan customers and expand their satisfaction.
Potential JPN Company
By detecting a bearing issue in advance, Nanoprecise potentially saved us a few hours of unplanned downtime for the pump, which is upto $100,000.

Gridhar Mishra
Maintenance Manager, IFFCO

Be the Part of Future

Driven by Industry 4.0 – the Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT),
Industrial operations are increasingly intelligently autonomous using Artificial intelligence. Take part in the revolution.

Nanoprecise has created a “unique” patent-pending solution (hardware + software) called “RotationLF” that combines physics, material science, and data analytics to diagnose issues with physical assets such as machinery and predicts the “Remaining Time to Failure.” RotationLF sensors extract RPM, vibration, sound, temperature & humidity information all from one sensor. RotationLF software is built on AI algorithms that are only limited to research papers until now and has been proven to be really accurate with solid customer case studies. The sensors can be deployed cost-effectively and utilized on the ~70% of machinery that is not monitored today because it has not been economically viable, until now. Since Nanoprecise was founded in 2017, it’s customers are spanning across Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, HVAC & Infrastructure sectors.